How to Redeem Your 300 Pesos Rebate:

  1. Book Through Our Site: Secure your Baguio getaway by booking directly through our official site.
  2. Create a Short-Form Video: During your stay, create a short-form video/s (Tiktok/Reels/Shorts) of Baguio and your experience in our accommodations.
  3. Upload or Send Us Your Video:
    • Post the video on your own Facebook or TikTok profile, tagging our official account and hashtag #sibolbaguiotransient.
    • Alternatively, you can send your video to us, and we’ll upload it to our social media, crediting you.
  4. Video Review: Our team will review each video, and the rebate amount will be decided based on the creativity and content quality—a minimum of ₱100.00 pesos and a maximum of ₱300.00.
  5. Rebate Issuance: Starting one week after each video has been posted, your 300 Pesos rebate for that specific stay will be sent to your preferred payment method.
  6. Create, Share, and Save More: There is no limit to the number of videos you can create for each stay! Feel free to share multiple aspects of your experience. The final rebate amount will be determined by our team, and our decision is final.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Promo is valid for bookings made directly through our official website.
  • Videos must showcase your Baguio travel experience and stay with us.
  • Rebate issuance begins one week after each video is posted and will be sent to your preferred payment method.
  • The 300 Pesos rebate is per stay.
  • No set limit on the number of videos per stay, but quality and creativity will influence the rebate amount.
  • Our decision on the rebate amount is final.

For further questions, you can message us directly through our Facebook page.

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